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Fun Fun Daycare is the best and that’s why we have sent our second daughter Clara to Janny after our first daughter Chloe graduated from Fun Fun Daycare a year ago.

Janny has rich experiences of baby and childcare and early childhood development for children before kindergarten age. In fact, she has a few decades of childcare experiences and have had many children growing up under her care at Fun Fun. We heard about Janny from friends who had children there and everyone speaks very highly of her and Fun Fun. The curriculum and all the activities at Fun Fun are wonderful and unparalleled. However, the most important thing is that Janny has a loving and caring heart for all kids, Janny’s passion, skills and love have touched us in many ways. As parents we have never hesitated to recommend Janny and Fun Fun Daycare to other parents looking for a wonderful daycare place for their children.
— Jack Zhao and April Wei


We are the parents of Timothy Yang, who graduated from Fun Fun Daycare from this September. Timothy spent two years in this daycare where he had a great fun and learning time. We will never forget the time when we first met Ms. Janny at the open house.  Like all other parents with very busy job, we took a day off to visit this daycare with the hope that this is going to be the “one”. Janny was so nice and loving with the kids. The multicultural and bilingual environment, plus the neat and well organized classroom and nap room finally convinced us to put Timothy in this daycare.  In these two years, we witness what Fun Fun Daycare has brought Timothy.   What he has learned in this daycare–the social and emotion skills, the self-discipline skills, the motor skill and early literacy skills has well prepared for his later education. More importantly, this family-oriented daycare has also taught the kids the value of family and friendship. Like a big family, the parents have a lot of cross reactions. Timothy has made really good friends who he still have contact after he graduated. We definitely give credit to Janny and her organization. We really appreciate her time surrounding every child in the daycare, being observant and celebrating the uniqueness of every child. With over 10 years of experience in early childhood education in HongKong and several years of trainings in US ECE system, Janny possesses the professionalism and heart for little children. Now our second child is about 2 years old, and we will send him to this daycare with no hesitation.

— Jenny Wang & Jingwei Yang


Fun fun daycare center has been home away home for my second daughter, both Taylor and Gianna. It has been a great journal for both of them, and unforgettable memory. My second daughter Taylor always remember her lovely teacher Janny even after four years living in Taiwan. Gianna has a great learning experience and big improvement in behavior and personality. I personally was impressed with teacher Janny for her professionalism and detail personal care, not only to my lovely daughters, but also been a great helping hand for parents. As a business owner, busy schedule and irregular event are always expected, Janny scarified so much her personal time to comprise our need unselfishly, it demonstrates her great patient and passionate about her job. I definitely with recommend to fun fun daycare and as well as teacher Janny to my friends without doubt.

— Danny & Helen


我的大女儿Yulia(丫丫)两岁的时候加入了Fun fun day care大家庭,Janny用她最无私的爱照顾教育着这里的每一个宝贝,基本上每一天你都能感觉到宝贝的改变,当我家丫丫第一次不再用尿布自己上厕所、第一次不再吸奶嘴,第一次完整的背诵一首唐诗,第一次完整的唱一首歌曲,第一次用简单的英文告诉我I love you。。。。。。我的心里充满自豪,但更多的是感激,因为Janny真的用心的教育她,照顾她!我也听说过很多不正规幼儿园的经历,小孩子4岁了还在捆尿布咬奶嘴,一句英文听不懂,甚至有的小宝贝孤僻无法跟其他小朋友相处。。。。。。一个小朋友的启蒙教育是非常重要的,所以为她找到一位优秀的启蒙导师也成了很多父母最难的功课!放心交给Janny吧,加入Funfun Daycare这个大家庭,一个放手还你一个全新的宝贝!Janny很贴心的安装了摄像头,便于各位宝爸宝妈想宝贝的时候可以随时观看!


丫丫妈:Una He


We enrolled our son at Fun Fun Daycare based on stellar recommendations from our friends. He has been there for 3 months and we couldn’t be happier. One of the main reasons we enrolled was that our son is about to start talking, and we want him to be immersed in a Chinese and English dual language environment that this Daycare offers. The Daycare’s head teacher and owner Janny is simply amazing. She has a great education system that teaches kids according to their personality and development stage.

Janny has a big heart and she pours a huge amount of love into the care and education of each kid. Her care and love are reflected everywhere in the Daycare: from the meals and snacks that are fresh, healthy and of many variety, to the myriad of educational toys and books, to the music, dance, art and other educational programs she has planned for the children.

The daycare is a bright, spacious, clean and safe environment. Janny sent out many photo and video updates each day to highlight the day’s activity.

Our son has developed a great deal of life skills, language skills, and an appreciation for music and art at the Daycare. This is a great Daycare and we highly recommend it!

— Lei Ding


Our daughter Lydia has been attending Fun Fun Daycare for the last a few months and in that short time we have been amazed by the changes in her. She has become more sociable and less shy around others. She is always coming home excited to share the new things she has learned that day, whether it be a new song, nursery rhyme or how high he can count now… We believe Lydia will adapt quickly to kindergarten when she goes because of the atmosphere and the expertise of her teacher Janny and her staff. They make learning fun for the children. Janny is the most loving, patient, caring, nurturing person a parent could ever want for their child when they are at work or unable to be with their child. She uses love, understanding, positive reinforcement and redirection as discipline. Janny is also so involved with her childcare business that she is always looking for ways to improve her childcare: new ideas, new toys, new activities, books, training, etc.

Janny, thank you for providing Lydia a loving environment to learn and develop into a strong, compassionate, generous person. She experiences things that are unique to your daycare program. She is so lucky to have you in her life! You are the best and we would definitely highly recommend Fun Fun Daycare.

— Rui & Can  (Parents of Lydia)


我们的女儿Cheryl、刚刚加入fun fun day care 不到两个月、但仅仅这短短的几个星期、我就看到了她的改变成长。这一切都要归功于我们的Janny老师。我女儿是一个对不熟悉人陌生环境有非常明显的退缩害羞反应的,可是她见到Janny老师第一天就跟我说喜欢Janny老师喜欢fun fun day care、这就是Janny老师跟fun fun day care的独特魅力所在。


最初daycare给我的想法就是帮忙看小孩带小孩玩。可是接触过fun fun day care的教学理念,教学方法后,震惊到我、原来Janny老师的fun fun day care有多套针对不同年龄段的教育方式。看着每天我女儿带回来的手工作品、画画作品、写作作业、真的让我们家长非常欣慰。优美舒适的环境,认真负责的老师,热情友好的同学。最直接体现出来的就是我女儿每天都很期待,都很高高兴兴的想去上学、说明fun fun day care、Janny老师是多么的棒、多么的受小朋友喜欢。

谢谢Janny老师、谢谢fun fun day care

— Cheryl父母:Dong and Jelly


Our son had been in Fun Fun Daycare for 3 years, and absolutely loves it. We were so relieved to find such a great daycare after having a terrible experience with another daycare. Janny is a great teacher, who is very responsible and warm, loving with the children and having full experience. Our son got a lot of sickness and injuries in the previous daycare, but he was taken care of very well in Fun Fun Daycare and seldom got sickness or injuries in the 3 years. Fun Fun daycare also provides very healthy and delicious food to children, which not only saves a lot of time and energy of parents, but is really good for children’s growth as well. The weight of our son was below the average before entering the daycare, and was about 80% when he graduated. The education is awesome in Fun Fun Daycare too. All curriculum is very detailed, well prepared and fascinating. Janny definitely is on top of children education, and our son learned quickly in reading, math and drawing. During an evaluation in Kindergarten when our son just graduated from Fun Fun daycare, his reading and math was considered to be 1st grade level and much better than his peers from other daycares. In addition, we also enjoyed receiving pictures videos of our son showing his daily activities. Janny always kept these kids entertained and happy. When we picked up our son from them, he did not want to leave and was always looking forward to seeing his friends at daycare every morning. Janny is not just a good children’s teacher that we trust, but a good friend of every parent as well. She gave a lot of instructions and helps to children’s parents, and organized many happy and interesting parties. Fun Fun daycare likes a big family. Our son had very happy time there and loved the daycare very much. We are very glad that our son was surrounded by love and was brought up in such a positive and fun environment. We owe a lot of that to the excellent care from Fun Fun daycare.

–Lijun Ma, Ph.D. & Yumei Fu, M.D. Ph.D.


We have known Janny since 2012 and we sent both of ours kids to her daycare. Janny has tremendous experience in early childhood education. In academic, both of our kids started to learn writing and tracing at 2 years and half, were able to count by 20 even sometimes by 30 bilingually, and recited many Chinese poems. Funfun now has special teachers to come on site to teach drawing, art work, and English speaking. Janny also brought in tons of Montessori tools to teach math, shapes, colors, matching, memorizing, etc. In behavioral, Janny learns each child’s personality so well and can easily handle different situations. She always keeps communicating with parents and let parents know everything thing happened at class, and gives many recommendations to parents how to collaboratively educate kid at home. Last but not least, Janny is also a talented cook! All parents wish to have lunch at Funfun! We feel so lucky to have Janny being kids’ early childhood education teacher that they can get enough attention, care, intelligence!
— Renting Xu


My older daughter spent 16 months in Fun Fun Day Care and my younger daughter has been in this daycare for more than two years. We love Fun Fun because it’s educational and fun, and because Janny is a very loving and experienced teacher.

The curriculum in Fun Fun is rich yet practical. My daughters started to learn how to use pencils and got familiar with the letters and numbers in this day care. The kids are also taught to organize, build, clean, etc. My daughters bring home delightful age-appropriate art projects that help them understand the culture and develop fine motor skills. The newly introduced drawing and dancing classes are absolutely a bonus.

Janny is very experienced with young kids. Both my daughters were first admitted right before their second birthday, and finished potty training swiftly. This could not be achieved without Janny’s enormous support with the training.

Janny is very committed to the development of all the students. She observes each student carefully and tries to find the best way to help her/his development. My younger daughter was very shy when she first attended Fun Fun. She did not speak much or play with other kids. Janny helped her to build up her confidence and created a comfortable environment for her to get involved. My younger daughter has made tremendous improvements in social skills in the past two years.

Last but not least, the meals provided by Fun Fun are healthy and delicious. The kids love them. Even the parents would like to enjoy the meals.

I highly recommend Fun Fun Day Care and have been very happy with the school.

–Haitao Zhang


我們是Timothy的父母,孩子在Fun Fun Daycare經歷了兩年的愉快生活后現在已經進入了一所pre-school就讀。我想說的是,Fun Fun Daycare真的是一所非常優秀的family care,給我們和孩子都留下了美好的回憶。

就讀期間他們提供細心的飲食和起居照顧,這裡要特別說明一下FunFun Daycare的食譜,他們一個月內每天的飯菜都是不一樣的,豬肉、牛肉、雞肉、海鮮輪流提供再配上易嚼的蔬菜營養非常均衡,Timothy每天都是一大碗吃的精光。提供午餐的同時他們還提供早餐和下午小點心,保證營養的同時還為我們這些家長節省了很大的精力。在保證孩子身體發育的同時Fun Fun Daycare更是在幼兒的早教方面為孩子打下了堅實的基礎。我們的孩子從剛進去時幾乎不會用中文表達,到畢業時能流利的用中文表達自己的想法是一個非常大的進步。不僅如此,在繪畫、音樂、表演等方面也發掘出了孩子的天性,尤其在中英文的識字以及數學方面,更是讓他達到了很高的水平,以至於Timothy現在能非常輕鬆的應付pre-school的學習生活。我想這主要歸功於他們寓教於樂的教學模式,在各種遊戲、表演、模仿中就潛移默化的灌輸了知識點,孩子完全沒有枯燥感而且回家就迫不及待的表演給我們看。更加貼心的是,Fun Fun Daycare每年都會舉辦幾場專題party,不僅讓我們看到孩子的各項才藝表演而且也給我們創造機會來留下了孩子的成長記錄。

如今Timothy的弟弟也到了適學年齡,我們馬上也會把弟弟送到Fun Fun Daycare就讀,同時我也強烈建議在您給孩子物色daycare時也把Fun Fun Daycare作為首選來予以考慮。

— Jingwei Yang


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